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Fully Restored Yellow C Model Range

Around 1910, John Chambers came up with the very bright idea of combining the technology used in the fireless cookers of the time with the increasingly popular gas stoves. Born out of this marriage is what we know today as the Chambers Range, although Mr. Chambers first called his new invention the Chambers Fireless Gas Cooking Range. Forming the Chambers Corporation in 1912, John Chambers hit the ground running & began to manufacture ranges for the national market in his Shelbyville, Indiana factory. As time went on various other features were introduced & refined to produce an innovative & well made product, as those of us lucky enough to own one of these vintage gems can attest!

This website is the creation of a lively group of Chambers enthusiasts, as you will no doubt realize as you wander around here. We like to share what we know about our favorite ranges & always aim to learn more. To that end, you will find a rich library of new & original literature freely available here to aid those who visit us. In addition, we are proud to present photo restoration stories to show you what you too can accomplish with a reasonable amount of effort. As time goes on this site will expand to include further information related to the wonderful Chambers Range, so we hope you will visit us frequently. Won't you join us in this exciting journey? We are always glad to have more company.