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Literature & How-Tos

We are pleased to offer scans of both original Chambers Corporation literature & How-To documents created by generous Chambers owners who wish to freely share their knowledge. Some items, such as the scans of original materials, are available in PDF format. Others will be provided in the form of web pages that you may choose to read online or print for your personal use. All of these materials are either public domain—as is the case with scans of original Chambers materials—or are provided free with the permission of the authors.

We hope you find them useful!

Chambers Owner Submitted Materials

"lowracer's" exclusive FREE instructions on how to install an oven safety system:
Chambers Model C Oven Safety Instructions

Scans of Original Chambers Manuals:

Directions For Installing and Using Chambers Ranges (PDF file, 2.6 MB) A combination service manual & cook book for the earlier stoves made from the beginning of the company through the 1920's. Contains very useful information on how to adjust the burners for different kinds of gas, as well as how to use the oven, thermodome, etc.

Autostat Range Operating Directions (PDF file, 145 KB) A rare survival, this label gives instructions for using & adjusting the ranges produced in the 1920's. Further instructions can be found in the 1927 Idle Hour Cook Book available below.

Model B/BZ Service Manual (PDF file, 4.9 MB)

Model B Installation Instructions (PDF file, 1.0 MB)

Model B Temperature Chart (PDF file, 493 KB)

Model C Service Manual (PDF file, 5 MB)

Model C Installation & Adjustment Instructions (PDF file, 1.2 MB)

Model C Temperature Chart (PDF file, 591 KB)

Scans of Original Chambers Cook Books:

1927 Edition of the Idle Hour Cook Book (PDF file, 7.4 MB)

1936 cook book entitled How To Cook With The Gas Turned Off (PDF file, 5.6 MB) This cookbook was originally created for the A models, but was also distributed with early B models, as the label inside this copy attests. Of course, the recipes can be used with any Chambers model.

1939 Edition of the Idle Hour Cook Book (PDF file, 7.8 MB)

1954 Edition of the Idle Hour Cook Book (PDF file, 1.9 MB) This scan is, unfortunately, missing the cover, but the text inside is complete.

1958 Edition of the Idle Hour Cook Book (PDF file, 9.3 MB)
This is the last edition of the Idle Hour series, considered by many to be the most authoritative for use with all Chambers models.

Chambers Cooking School recipe pamphlet. (PDF file, 2.3 MB)
This was created in celebration of the World Premiere of the new Chambers Range on October 6th and 7th, 1949! These classes were a staple for marketing of the Chambers Range and were often, as in this case, taught by Miss Alma Chambers herself. The model C that was launched at this event has become one of the favorite models of latter day lovers of Chambers stoves.

1930's recipe pamphlet entitled Recipes For Your Chambers Range (PDF file, 1.1 MB)This pamphlet was apparently distributed with B Ranges early on, perhaps before they had the 1939 Idle Hour ready.

Menus of the Month Produced for use with the B Ranges, probably in the 1930's, these charming monthly flyers were produced for use with the "new" B models of the time. This link will take you to a new page, where you will find each month available as a separate pdf. Just click on the cover of each month to access it.

1953 recipe pamphlet simply entitled Recipes (PDF file, 5.0 MB)Combination cook book & sales pamphlet for the Ranges produced at the time, in SEVEN DECORATOR COLORS AND ANTIQUE COPPER, as proudly announced on the cover of this piece. Nicely illustrated with many black & white photographs.

Scans of Original Chambers Pamphlets:

Very early catalog of the ranges produced before 1920. (PDF file, 2.2 MB) This rare pamphlet details how the ranges work, how they were made & used. A mention is made that these ranges have been 'in use for 7 years,' which would date this between 1916-1919.

1920's Dealer Postcard (PDF file, 58 KB). Can't you just taste that roast beef & apple pie, cooked the Chambers way!

Circa 1925 catalog of the 3000 series gas ranges. (PDF file, 2.3 MB) Wonderful resource on the earlier models, including what may be the largest range Chambers ever produced, the 39972. Weighing in at 1500 pounds (shipping weight), this behemoth boasted 4 fireless ovens, 2 broilers, 1 large warming oven, 7 top burners, 1 simmer burner & 2 thermodomes!

Circa 1930 catalog (#306) of the Automatic Gas Ranges (Light It, Set It,and Forget It) produced at that time. (PDF file, 3.3 MB) This catalog contains much interesting information concerning the 4000 & 5000 series models.

Chambers C Models Advertisement (PDF file, 390 KB). This beautiful ad shows all of the standard colors available at the time (for NO additional charge!).

1953 Chambers Accessories Pamphlet (PDF file, 872 KB)

1950's Chambers Wear Ever Accessories Pamphlet (PDF file, 584 KB)

1950's Chambers Griddle Cover Advertisement (PDF file, 97 KB)

1950's ThermoOven Flier (PDF file, 107 KB). One page flier announcing the 'new' ThermoOven, which is really just the Thermowell with a Thermobaker in it. Since you can only use a Thermobaker in a Thermowell it seems kind of redundant to call this a ThermoOven, but I'm sure some guy in marketing was proud of all his new words!

1950's ThermoOven Brochure, complete with recipes! (PDF file, 466 KB)

1950's Deep Fryer Basket flyer. This advertising piece illustrates the deep fryer basket for use with the Thermowell. (PDF file, 532 KB)

Scans of Related Pamphlets:

Reed Roaster Cookbook, probably dating to the 1920's. (PDF file, 1.3 MB) Everyone who owns & loves a Chambers should have a Lisk or Reed roaster or two. . .or three! Ideally suited for use with your range, these accessories were sold by Chambers dealers along with the ranges from early on. Lisk produced a wide variety of items under both brands, as well as some other names manufactured for sale by various retailers. We will be including scans of several Lisk materials so stay tuned for more.

Lisk Self-Basting Roaster Brochure, probably dating to the 1930's. (PDF file, 269 KB) This cute little brochure details what sets the patented design of the Lisk roaster apart from others. Also includes the important model & size chart that is essential in choosing the right sized roaster for the task at hand. Because of the small size of the original, the paper size has been set at 4" x 4" for the pdf. It should still print out fine, but you will have the choice of either enlarging the size of the original image or retaining the original size by simply adjusting your printer configuration before you print it.

Domestic Science Fireless Cookstoves Stove Questions and Answers pamphlet (PDF file, 524 KB). This is a sales pamphlet for the fireless cookers produced by the Toledo Cooker Company of Toledo, Ohio, probably dating to the 1930's. These were in the earlier style of fireless cooking, which required that the food be heated on a conventional stove for a short period, then placed in the insulated fireless cooker—usually with stone or metal discs to help retain sufficient heat. Shows the various models & accessories produced by this maker.

Thermatic Fireless Stoves Questions and Answers pamphlet (PDF file, 1.7 MB). Another fireless cooker sales pamphlet, this one for the Thermatic brand stoves produced by the Diller Manufacturing Company of Bluffton, Ohio. A very interesting pamphlet, probably dating to the 1920's, in the form of questions & answers about how these cookers worked. While some of this information is specific to the special features only available with Thermatic cookers, there is much general fireless cooker information as well.

Cooking in the Modern Manner, 1947 cookbook produced for use with Anderson Stoves. (PDF file, 5.7 MB). These stoves, produced by a competitor of Chambers, were made in Anderson, Indiana. The company was founded by a former employee of Chambers & much of the design is clearly based on the Chambers Range (without violating the Chambers patents of the time, of course). Because these stoves were modeled on the Chambers the recipes in this cookbook can be prepared with no modifications. A very nice selection of recipes that are different from those in the Idle Hour series.

It's A Pleasure to COOK with the GAS turned OFF! (PDF file, 540 KB). Anderson Stove pamphlet detailing the various models, probably from the late 1940's. Interestingly, their high end models were called Imperial, although these are nothing like the large 6-8 burner models with 2 ovens produced by Chambers!

Please note: these documents were produced with the intention that they be printed on standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper, one image to a page. In some cases, the printed area may be smaller than the paper because the originals were a smaller size. In other cases, larger formatted originals have been made to fit the 8 1/2" x 11" format with 1/4" margins. In all cases you should be able to print out a usable copy of the materials. If you would like original copies of materials, these can often be found on eBay, although some items are much easier to find than others--original cook books are often posted (though some editions are much scarcer), whereas service manuals are rather difficult to find. Quality reprints are also readily available on eBay & from other venues.

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