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Chambers Menu of the Month flyers

January focuses on BEEF, with an emphasis on the sizzling steak, made easy with your Chambers "In-A-Top" broiler!
February finds us in New Orleans, with Chambers tested recipes from Mrs. Fern Caldwell, a home economist based in the Crescent City.
March features fish and shellfish recipes "baked, broiled and boiled."
Economy Dinners are the theme for April, with the promise of A Lot of Food For a Little Money.
In May, baking is where it is at, in the World's Champion Pastry Oven.
With June comes fresh vegetables. . .and your Chambers is the perfect tool to prepare them the waterless way, whether "broiled, boiled or baked!"
Picnic dinners are the theme for July, with baked beans prepared FOUR different ways.
Here we have chicken, chicken, chicken. . .or, in the words of this month Glorifying the American Chicken.
While barbecue purists may turn white at the thought, this month we find a full selection of "barbecue" recipes to make in your range.
Have a hankering for 'possum or pigeon pie? Or perhaps moose steaks or burgers are calling? Well, you are in luck, because this month game is the focus.
What would November be without Thanksgiving? We are presented with two complete turkey dinner menus, with four different stuffing recipes. Oh, and all the trimmings, of course, along with full instructions for pulling it all off the Chambers Way!.
This month we have Ye Olde English Christmas Dinner such as that which would have been celebrated by Shakespeare himself, with roast suckling pig and all the trimmings, including a Christmas pudding.

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